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Jagriti Yatra is a 15-day long, national train journey that takes you 8000 kilometers across the  length and breadth of India, to understand and build the India of smaller towns and villages  through enterprise.






Role Models





Outer Journey

exploration of India and its hinterland is an exciting physical  journey; it is accompanied by interactions with the 15 role models who we visit. For you this  external journey is facilitated well and is a key component of the program. This outer  journey on a special train, jointly with 500 others is a key principle of the journey.

Inner Journey

an equally important journey is your internal journey. You are at a  critical phase of your career and life. You are in the process of answering key questions for  yourself. These 15 days are a good time for me to pose those questions more deeply and attempt to  answer them in the company of 500 other like-minded individuals. You need to find personal time for this within our hectic schedule and this internal journey should continue once you  are off the train.

Who Organizes Jagriti Yatra?

Jagriti yatra is organized by Jagriti Sewa Sansthanm, which is a non-profit organization that has been a torchbearer of Enterprise Led Development (Udyam Janit Vikas) in Middle India for a decade. It is creating a national enterprise ecosystem to support the entrepreneurs in Tier 2 &Tier 3 districts in India. We want to re-imagine the development of a typical district, by inspiring India’s youth who are able to devote their lives to enterprise led development in middle India districts. We will connect these districts to a national network of nation builders. This middle up approach to development will ensure that solutions are local and relevant and have the citizen who shapes them driving this.

With this mission of ‘Building India through Enterprise’ , Jagriti has created a unique model of bringing a national enterprise ecosystem to the service of entrepreneurs in Tier 2 & 3 districts of India, facilitated by an on-ground army of youth, called Udyam Corps, and local physical infrastructure.

The development model is based on three pillars of Jagriti Jagriti Yatra (JY), Jagriti Enterprise Network (JEN), and Jagriti Enterprise Centre (JEC).








Districts with JY Alumni

National Ecosystem

Jagriti Yatra is a national program that has created a platform of 7000+ alumni and continues to grow every year. Jagriti Enterprise Network (JEN) & Jagriti Enterprise Centre (JEC) are creating a district-development model that brings the expansive network of Jagriti Yatra (Y) to the benefit of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to nurture 1 Lakh entrepreneurs by 2025.

How can Jagriti Yatra help me

Jagriti Yatra has many takeaways most importantly the inner journey that Yatris take in this yatra of awakening. However in terms of tangible benefits, here are key takeaways that one can expect:

  1. Networking with exceptional peers who are carefully selected and chosen to be a part of Yatra.
  2. Meetings with iconic entrepreneurs.
  3. Hands on training on building a venture from the best minds.
  4. Lifelong access to digital and physical Jagriti Community, through city meets and online forums.
  5. Mentorship and incubation support for your business ideas.
  6. A global experience that can enhance your resume.
  7. Experiential learning by travelling through India.

Red threads of Yatra

The essence of the Yatra has been distilled in three anchoring red threads. There are many layers to this journey and many ideas float within those layers. With time, however, as the Yatra simmered in our minds, we noticed that certain ideas kept bubbling up again and again. Our friend, philosopher and guide Dr. Sudhanshu Palsule saw these ideas as a continuing red thread that ran along the journey like a spine. The term stuck and the red threads came to life. The three red threads were then spun, teased, and woven to define the fabric-the essential experience of the Yatra.


(creation + replication) is about doing things differently, spotting a unique opportunity, seizing it and taking it to fruition. On the Yatra we make it a point to learn from the home grown innovations of Middle India which are positively impacting communities. For too long innovation has been pushed one way, from the top of the diamond downwards, we believe this has to change and it has to be a two way dialogue with middle India.


is about working in a team, optimizing individual strengths to achieve a larger goal together. Particularly in India where financial capital is often missing, it is bringing the positive human capital that comes with team collaboration, something we as Indians need to improve and learn to maximize collective strengths for a larger goal.


deals with going out of one’s context, learning new and then returning with the conviction to make change happen. The concept is illustrated by the story of Rosa Park’s outward journey and return to her hometown to courageously fight racism. This transformational journey is seen in the life of Mahatma Gandhi and many other world leaders.


The following itinerary and timings should be treated as approximate. While we have the  train to ourselves the route and timings are expected to change based on the priority given  to the train by the Indian Railways. Apart from some dignitaries and exceptional  circumstances no one is expected to join or leave in between the journey.

Day Destination Arrival Departure
1 Mumbai N/A 24 Dec
2 On Train 25 Dec 25 Dec
3 Kanyakumari 26 Dec 26 Dec
4 Madurai 27 Dec 27 Dec
5 Bengaluru 28 Dec 28 Dec
6 Sricity 29 Dec 29 Dec
7 Vishakhapatnam 30 Dec 30 Dec
8 Ganjam 31 Dec 31 Dec
9 Nalanda 02 Jan 02 Jan
10 Deoria 03 Jan 04 Jan
11 Delhi 05 Jan 05 Jan
12 Tilonia 06 Jan 06 Jan
13 Ahmedabad 07 Jan 07 Jan
14 Mumbai 08 Jan N/A

Activites On Train

AC Chair Car Sessions

Each role model is studied by 1-2 groups and presented to the rest of the Yatris in specially designed AC Chair Cars on the train in 30-45 minute sessions .Presentations are innovative and inspiring, sessions are interactive.

Compartment Sessions

Parallel to the AC Chair Car Sessions, there are discussions in the compartments led by facilitators. Format for these discussions are suggested by the Jagriti team. The discussions are documented.

Mentor Sessions

There will be few entrepreneurs visiting us on the train, who will conduct interactive sessions with the Yatris.

Arts & Creativity on Train

Artists from Southbank Centre, London and Indian folk artists will be coming on the train to produce the visual minutes of the discussions. Documentary maker, photographer, videographer, musicians and poets - all coming together make the atmosphere on train vibrant. Try to spend some quality time with these artists!

Yatra Saar

Every group will have to submit a summary of discussion of the role model visit. The format of which will be shared by the core team.

Facilities On Train




Key Features On Train

Train journeys hold a very special place in our hearts. There is always a sense of adventure and mystery to a train ride. Even mundane activites like eating and sleeping become fun. Add to that the excitement of travelling the unfathomable India connuously for 15 days with 500 strangers, driven by a common cause. Seeing new places that play a role in India's success story and meeting entrepreneurial heroes of India while engaging with other Yatris, reflecting and soul searching to the beat of Yaaron Chalo is in short what Jagriti Yatra is all about. When you are on the train you have to maintain a certain discipline that is crical for the success of the journey

Key Features Of train Layout


Jagriti Yatra is a journey at many levels, the journey that we make as individuals, as teams, as Indians and the journey that these places, people and the train make with us! 'A journey in the present with a desnaon in the future'.

Environment, Health, Safety guidelines on the train

Health is Wealth

When each day is a special day, who would want to be in the sick bay? Precaution is a must yet we have on board with us:

- One male & one female doctor

- Facility of sick bay

- First Aid Kit, oxygen cylinder and other medical equipments

Consumption of Alcohol or any narcotics is strictly prohibited during the Yatra and you will be de-boarded at the next train station if we observe these substances being consumed. This is also a legal offense under the rules and regulations of the railways. Consumption of cigarettes on the train or the train station is also prohibited under the law, this is a good way to kick out the habit. Drinking water is the biggest cause of stomach upset. Please take care only to drink boiled water supplied on the train. Please avoid outside food unless specifically arranged by the organizers. Remember to wash your hands regularly. If you are feeling unwell, please inform your facilitator. Regular sanitation of the train and coaches in ensured.

NOTE: For any queries regarding safety, security etc. please reach your facilitator. In case of any changes in schedule/programme or important notices, your facilitator will keep you informed. The correct, up-to-date information will be given by organizers and facilitators only.